I'm the Communications Director for Youth Unlimited,
a Toronto Not-For-Profit. 


Youth Unlimited works with vulnerable young people all over the Greater Toronto Area through our 64 unique initiatives. 

Want to hear more? Once a month I craft an email newsletter to share stories and ideas that come out of my work. 


What Do I Bring To The Table?

Over the last few years, YU has grown in size and scope and the need for strategic communications support has increased. With 64 diverse initiatves and over 60 staff spread out across the city, my role involves tying the whole thing together. Part of that means creating a common language and story. I also build resources and opportunities for staff to better share their work with others. One of the favourite parts of my job is getting to sit down with a youth worker and help them think strategically around what they're doing.

I'm at YU because I believe in the work that they do and now I just get to help them tell more people about it. 

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We Are A Registered Charity.

Every staff member is required to raise their own salary and expenses. While this seems odd to some people - I've come to see how this creates staff who are dedicated to sharing the vision of YU with others around them.


100% of your donation goes directly to my work with YU.