I call this a living history because it is a work in progress as I try to better understand the story of the land on which I live. As I learn more I will continue to add to it.

I refer to Stouffville as a suburban village: it began as its own municipality and overtime has become a suburban community that feeds a larger urban centre. The population remains just under the limit to be considered an urban centre itself.

However, the goal of this project is to look beyond Stouffville as a community and to try and understand the history of the land the town sits on. So I begin with the land:

People who stay in place may come to know that place more deeply. People who know a place may come to care about it more deeply. People who care about a place are more likely to take better care of it. And people who take care of places, one place at a time, are the key to the future of humanity and all living creatures.

-- Robert L. Thayer, LifePlace

The Story of the Land

[^1]: There is an allegation that Hoag was a squatter and Stouffer really purchased this land from the Crown.