I have found that theology gets a bit of a unfair stigma in the church. It’s often viewed as something that belongs in the hands of academic or “professional” Christians while everyone else is meant to be more concerned with living a life of faith. I believe this is a false dichotomy and that theology belongs in the everyday lives of the church. If it has nothing to do with the experiences of our daily lives, then it really doesn’t matter.

I want to clarify that I don’t mean that the work of theology that has been done up until this point is somehow meaningless. Rather, I want to try and bridge the gap by suggesting that all theology has emerged from particular times and places in response to real problems in the lives of the church. Once we begin to recognize this, we can hopefully understand the importance of keeping the work of work of theology within the lived experiences of the community of faith.

A lived theology then, is a theology that starts from our shared experience.