Tresorit. I’ve been using dropbox for years but just recently dumped it for Tresorit. I’m increasingly drawn to services that put privacy and security as their primary feature and Tresorit’s commitment to that won me over. Functionally, I really like using it and have not felt any pain at the switch.

Focus. App that protects my deep work by preemptively blocking all websites and apps that may distract me.

Notebook & pen. I’ve been working a lot on paper as a way of spending less time on screens. Meeting notes, problem-solving, and reflections happen here. I’ve also started carrying around a pocket-sized habit notebook for tracking my daily health goals.

Things. The app that keeps me held together. I use a pseudo-GTD approach where I dump tasks into an inbox and then organize them into different areas and assign a series of tags and days I want to work on them.

Backpack. The most important investment to my daily life. This thing goes wherever I do.