Hello. My name is Ben Bartosik.
I work for a non-profit in Toronto where I tell stories and find ways to help our teams work better together. 


Projects & Writings

A Place To Belong: For ten years I did youth work in York Region where we experimented with creating healthy, safe spaces with young people. Along the way we began to ask new questions around what good news really looks like in our homes, neighbourhoods, and cities.

A Woman's Place: I wrote an essay on the way in which the geneology in the Gospel According to Matthew is interpretted. It specifically deals with the role of the five women included in the list and the way they subvert the patriarchal narrative/history of interpretation.

2017 Playlist: My ten favourite albums from last year with a spotify playlist of standout tracks.

A Bit About Me

Our Family 2017-3
My wife, two daughters, and I live north of Toronto in a garage / homemade apartment. We love re-inventing our small space and experimenting with ways to get the most out of it. Some things I also love (in no particular order) are: drinking coffee, playing board games, listening to music, cooking vegetarian foods, reading books, enjoying red wine, walking places, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That's a pretty well rounded biography I think. 
I do communications for a not-for-profit in Toronto and and am working on a masters.  

Stuff I Use Everyday

Productivity Apps: Things 3 is my current project manager of choice. The new interface really fits with the way I think and work. Plus I just got it synced with my Google Home via an IFTT workaround. I have also come to be a big fan of Alfred on my Mac. 

Writing: Last year Bear won over my heart when it comes to minimal, fast, note taking. I've debated getting rid of Evernote at least once a month; but I use it as a massive digital filing cabinet. I also don't go anywhere without a pen and notebook

Reading: I do most of my reading on my iPad Kindle app. I usually have 4-5 books on the go. For reading online I have adopted a combination approach of collecting articles through Instapaper, organizing them into folders, and then reading them through Reeder which is also how I read RSS feeds. I get everything else from Twitter. 

Music: I listen to music in three ways. At home I alternate between both an analog and a digital library. This is usually based on how actively I'm listening to the music. When I'm on the go I use Spotify. 

I Carry: My backpack is an Everyday Backpack by Peak Design that I helped kickstart a few years ago. It goes with me everywhere, even to formal events. My phone, an iPhone 6+ is the most used phone I've ever had. I love the size of it and I do a lot of daily work on it, preferring to use apps that sync perfectly between phone/laptop/ipad (such as Things and Bear). I also use it for listening to podcasts. 

Stay Connected

I love Twitter, you can always find me there.
Or, shoot me a message via that little green chat icon in the corner. 

Once a month I put together an email newsletter that is inspired by the work I'm doing/supporting at Youth Unlimited. Plus I often throw in some other fun thoughts.