Hello. My name is Ben Bartosik.
I work for a non-profit in Toronto where I tell stories and find ways to help our teams work better together. 


Over The Years I've Been Involved In

Creating Safe Spaces
For ten years I did youth work in York Region where we experimented with creating healthy, safe spaces with young people. Along the way we began to ask new questions around what good news really looks like in our homes, neighbourhoods, and cities. 
Types of Verbal Communication
I have done public speaking/teaching/facilitating conversations in a number of different contexts. This includes running workshops, camp teaching, preaching, leadership training, and more to a variety of sized groups made up of different ages.
All Sorts of Writing Projects
From blog posts, to letters, to essays, and tweets - I love words. I love playing with them, reordering them, obsessing over them, letting them sink in, and seeing how words can shape the world.  Some things I write about are the intersections of community, theology, and human forgiveness. Here's some of that.
Practical Theology 
This is a skill set/interest that I have been quietly working on and developing over the last decade. Bonnie Miller-McLemore describes this as "falling between the bookends of a life of faith and academic discipline." I am deeply interested in the cyclical relationship between practice and thoughtful reflection. Much of what I have been involved in is an intentional move in this direction. Here's a small project in that area.

A Bit About Me

My wife, two daughters, and I live north of Toronto in a garage / homemade apartment. We love re-inventing our small space and experimenting with ways to get the most out of it. Some things I also love (in no particular order) are: drinking coffee, playing board games, listening to records, cooking vegetarian foods, reading books, enjoying red wine, walking places, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That's a pretty well rounded biography I think. 
I do communications for a not-for-profit in Toronto and and am working on a masters.  

Stay Connected

Once a month I put together an email update that is inspired by the work I'm doing/supporting at Youth Unlimited.  
You can also quickly reach me with that little orange chat icon over in the corner.