Ben Bartosik


Things I'm focused on as of 20240519:

  • 8 months in at Evergreen, starting to hit my stride in some areas while still figuring out other ones. Got to write about public places and social infrastructure for our May newsletter.

  • Contributing fairly regularly to the Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition's substack. It's a nice outlet to share things I'm thinking about as they relate to everyday activism.

  • I'm volunteering with both YU and SCGC in helping plan their fundraisers this year.

  • Joined the my hometown's Green Initiatives Committee as an "expert liaison." Basically I'm not a full member because I joined late but they made a role for me to participate.

  • Started getting into Richard Sennett. Surprisingly I haven't encountered him before.

  • Been really into City Pop lately, perfect summery music.

  • Woodworking hobby is slowly progressing. 馃獨