Empathy, with a dash of anarchy.

A better world is one that works for everyone and not just some of us. This little online space is for sharing ideas and steps to try and make that possible.

¡O Bailan todos, o no baila nadie!
Either everyone dances, or no one dances.


Family & I live north of Toronto in the Holland Marsh area.

Big fan of 80s pop music, Irish folk tunes, Godzilla, board games, good essays, the Toronto Raptors, walking places, crows, & cancelled plans.


A Note on Where I’m Coming From:

I spent my childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood in evangelicalism. While I don’t identify with that term any longer, I can’t deny its impact on me.

Dorothy Day once described her life as one having been “haunted by God” and I think that’s a better description of my faith than anything I could come up with.

These days I’m just listening, learning, and trying to help out where I can.