Hi, I’m Ben. For 15 years I worked in (or alongside) the local church. Now I’m doing something else.

Today I’m listening a lot more and trying to support others who are making this planet a better place.

“O Bailan todos, o no baila nadie.”

Here’s a brief timeline of some things I have done:

  • For a decade I helped create safe spaces for teenagers.
  • Next I was a communications director for a Toronto-based charity working with vulnerable youth all over the city.
  • I also spent three years getting a masters of divinity with a focus on church in the city.
  • I currently oversee strategy at Renga, a brand strategy & design studio in the Toronto Area.

My family and I live in outside of Toronto in the suburban village of Stouffville.

Analog hours are spent reading books, listening to records, & playing board games.

Mission in the city for the Church, and hence for Christians, means a radical intimacy with every corner and every echelon of the city’s actual life in order to represent and honor God’s concern for each fragment of the city.”

- William Stringfellow, Free In Obedience