Ben Bartosik

January 19, 2023

Been a wild past few weeks so I haven't really put down any thoughts on here.

  • Throughout the holidays my sister was diagnosed with colon cancer and then had surgery to have that removed. She's doing well and the surgery went great so we're all thankful.

  • As a result of that, my own health anxieties have been elevated and I've had to have a few tests done to ensure I'm clear.

  • I'm in the process of putting some of the essays I've written in the past onto this site. It's a bit time consuming as I have to convert them and make a few edits. Yesterday I put one up that I wrote last year that I quite enjoyed.

  • I'm doing a reading course right now that should inspire more writing on here so hopefully that kicks this habit back into gear.

I haven't really used this for personal updates like this in the past but I thought maybe I'd jot a few down for context.